ISOtunes User Manual



My unit isn't charging. What should I do? 

In some instances when the battery gets fully run down, it can take up to 30 minutes for the red indicator light to turn on while charging. Please be patient. If the unit has been charging for 30 minutes or more and the red indicator light still hasn't turned on, your unit may be defective. In that case, please see our return and refund policy.

My phone/computer/tablet isn't recognizing ISOtunes so I can't pair. What should I do?

Please note that turning your ISOtunes on does not automatically put the unit into pairing mode. From the off position, you must press and hold the multi-function button (MFB) in the center of the ISOtunes controller for 5 seconds, or until you see the indicator light flashing red and blue. Now ISOtunes is in pairing mode and should be recognizable by any Bluetooth-enabled device. 

How do I insert the earbuds to get the best noise reduction?

ISOtunes comes with 3 sets of foam eartips (S,M,L) and 3 sets of rubber eartips (S,M,L). The foam eartips provide maximum noise reduction while the rubber eartips are recommended for use when NOT in noisy situations. Choose the size that fits most snugly in your ear canal. Remember, the snugger the fit, the better the noise attenuation.

ISOtunes earbud fitting
For maximum noise reduction, first roll the foam eartip between your thumb and forefinger. Then, place the earbud into your open ear canal. Hint: To open your ear canal wider, lift the top of your ear up and away from your head, as shown in the diagram. After the earbud has been placed, the foam tip will expand to fill your ear canal, providing you with superior noise isolation for the best possible listening experience.

How do I clean the eartips?

Clean your Comply™ Foam tips by gently wiping them with a clean, damp cloth. Use water only. Do not clean tips with alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Let tips dry completely before next use.

Where can I buy replacement eartips?

We no longer carry the Comply Foam Isolation 500 Series tips, but you can find them on the Comply website.

I think my product is defective. What should I do?

Please see our return policy, or contact us for further information.