Bluetooth Earbud Hearing Protection

ISOtunes Bluetooth earbuds merge certified hearing protection with cutting-edge communication technology to give you a safe, enjoyable and productive experience. Expertly engineered to provide superior noise reduction and comfort - browse our collection and invest in your hearing health with our latest in-ear hearing protection.


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ULTRACOMM Aware - ISOtunes®ULTRACOMM Aware - ISOtunes®
Sale price£239.99
FREE 2.0 - ISOtunes®FREE 2.0 - ISOtunes®
Sale price£119.99
PRO Aware - ISOtunes®PRO Aware - ISOtunes®
Sale price£149.99
PRO 2.0 - ISOtunes®PRO 2.0 - ISOtunes®
Sale price£109.99
FREE Aware - ISOtunes®FREE Aware - ISOtunes®
Sale price£179.99
XTRA 2.0 - ISOtunes®XTRA 2.0 - ISOtunes®
Sale price£99.99
FREE - ISOtunes®FREE - ISOtunes®
Sale price£109.99
LITE - ISOtunes®LITE - ISOtunes®
Sale price£69.99
Earphone & Headphone protection from loud noises


ISOtunes® Hearing Protection are expertly engineered with the latest in Bluetooth, noise isolation and level dependant technology. Learn more about our technology and shop from our collection below.

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"By far the best work earphones I've had. Blown away with the call quality and I can hear my music perfectly in a woodmill full of very loud machinery.
The buttons on the pods themselves are very easy to use and respond quickly.

Highly recommend these to anyone who work in a loud work place on a daily basis, well worth the money."

- Adam -
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