Ear defenders can quickly feel hot and heavy, especially when you are working outside during the summer months. The wireless noise isolating earbuds from ISOtunes® are the perfect solution for landscape gardeners and lawn care professionals.

ISOtunes® are lightweight, durable, certified hearing protectors that allow you to stream music and take phone calls while protecting your hearing at the same time – essential for landscape gardeners in the modern age. Our products are ANSI-certified and OSHA-compliant, so you can be confident that they will enable you to continue your work without interruptions.

ISOtunes Technology

Aware Technology

Omni-directional microphones amplify the sounds around you through your hearing protector. When these microphones sense a loud noise, like a nail gun or hammer, they quickly lower the volume to protect your ears.

Noise Isolating

Our built-in microphones contain noise suppression and echo cancellation technologies that block steady-state noises like mowers, blowers, fans, vacuums, tractors, motors, engines, and the like so you can increase productivity by taking calls in loud environments.

Bluetooth Connectivity

ISOtunes®utilize the latest Bluetooth® technology to maximize the potential of your hearing protection experience. Our Bluetooth hearing protectors seamlessly integrate with your favorite devices and, ultimately, whatever lifestyle you live. 

Hear The Difference

Click the audio buttons below to hear the true difference between Isotunes Aware technology and our competitors. The Isotunes hearing protection reduces the sound of loud noices while amplifying other noices providing situational awareness. In the example below we use the sound of a shotgun, the user can clearly hear the safety marshall and wildlife in the background.

Hearing Protection For Landscape Gardeners

Each product in the ISOtunes® range includes our signature background noise cancelling microphone that eliminates steady-state noises like mowers, blowers and strimmers, so you can take calls while keeping your equipment running. How’s that for increasing productivity?

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