Racing cars. They’re loud, right? Chances are, if you’ve been to a track more than once, you’ve got a go-to hearing protection device that’s always by your side. But if you’re still using basic earbuds or ear defenders, it might be time for a 21st century hearing protection upgrade. Enter ISOtunes®.

ISOtunes® are ultra-lightweight earbud headphones that protect your ears, while allowing you to stay connected to your phone and listen to the race in real time.

ISOtunes Technology

Aware Technology

Omni-directional microphones amplify the sounds around you through your hearing protector. When these microphones sense a loud noise, like a nail gun or hammer, they quickly lower the volume to protect your ears.

Noise Isolating

Our built-in microphones contain noise suppression and echo cancellation technologies that block steady-state noises like mowers, blowers, fans, vacuums, tractors, motors, engines, and the like so you can increase productivity by taking calls in loud environments.

Bluetooth Connectivity

ISOtunes®utilize the latest Bluetooth® technology to maximize the potential of your hearing protection experience. Our Bluetooth hearing protectors seamlessly integrate with your favorite devices and, ultimately, whatever lifestyle you live.

Hear The Difference

Click the audio buttons below to hear the true difference between Isotunes Aware technology and our competitors. The Isotunes hearing protection reduces the sound of loud noices while amplifying other noices providing situational awareness. In the example below we use the sound of a shotgun, the user can clearly hear the safety marshall and wildlife in the background.

Hearing Protection For Motorsport

Every ISOtunes® product has high-quality audio streaming to make your long days at the track more enjoyable and less fatiguing. And, perhaps best of all, they fit as easily as earbuds and won’t get hot like ear defenders.

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