Short TRILOGY™ Foam Replacement Eartips for ISOtunes FREE (5 Pair Pack)


Compatible with ISOtunes FREE only (IT-12/IT-13/IT-14)

ISOtunes Short TRILOGY™ Foam Replacement Eartips offer a trifecta of benefits for optimal hearing protection:

1) Superior comfort - super soft memory foam
2) Superior attenuation - made from the best materials available to reduce outside noise
3) Superior sound - durable core material that will not distort sound/music quality

Choose between Small Short (white core), Medium Short (yellow core) and Large Short (red core). All orders come with 5 pairs.


Inspect the eartips before every use for degradation or deformation.  The integrity of the eartips is vital for proper hearing protection. It is suggested that the eartips be replaced approximately every 3 months depending on extent of use.

Additionally, the wearer should ensure that:

  1. The eartips are fitted, adjusted, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions as stated in the manual included with the product.
  2. The eartips are securely attached to the ISOtunes product and worn properly in noisy environments.

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